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Managed IT Services
Our company provides an efficcient, cost-contained apporach for small businesses or lagre corporations, and units to offer fully managed IT support. Our company starts with friendly, knowledgeable staff who understand your technical environment. This team of experts is supported by a technical infrastructure that allows us to deploy personell, applications, updates and detect problems as well.

Initial Response Samples:
  • Critical - Within 1 hour : Catastrophic inability to complete job duties. Example: computer does not turn on or boot up properly.
  • High - Within 2 business hours: Loss of a major job duty. Example: E-mail not working, not connected to internet, inability to print at all.
  • Medium - Within 4 business hours: There is a problem to be solved, but customer is still functional and has other options available. Example: Desktop printer is not working, but customer has access to departmental printers.
  • Normal - Within 8 business hours: General request for machine setup reformat or other tasks that are not time sensitive. Example: User needs help but will not be available until a few days later.
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